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About Us

Audiophile Live is a premiere bass music label based out of the heart of Dallas, Texas hosting some of the finest names in the industry such as Virtual Riot, Darth & Vader, Alex Mind, SirensCeol, Barely Alive, Centron, Junkie Kid, AFK, MUST DIE!, I.Y.F.F.E, Dr. Ozi, Sawgood, Kick The Habit, King Kornelius, Dilemn, Auvic, Troublegum, Modern Dealer, E-Cologyk, Nitro Fun, Minero, Corporate and many more – with countless numbers of Top 10 Beatport genre toppers under out belt. Our primary genres include those such as complextro, dubstep, glitch hop, indie dance, as well as #1 release hits on Beatport for off-genre releases in hard dance.